It wasn’t that long ago that all ‘cross racers were also roadies or mountain bikers first and cyclocrossers second. As the sport has slowly grown, however, a new breed of athlete, the cyclocross specific breed, has slowly begun to appear in the wild. These athletes, and I’m one of them, forgo racing seriously when the weather is warm and pleasant in the summer and instead focus all of their attention to racing with somewhat frozen toes and muddy bikes all fall long. We live for grubby beer hand ups, clambering up unrideable inclines (turns out you can do that in the summer too at the RedBull 400), and the satisfaction that once the race starts it’ll all be over in just an hours time.

Now that’s all fine and good, but the questions remains, what does an unabashed full-time ‘cross racer do in this prolonged summer off-season? I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’ve been working hard to find that magic point where I become (very) marginally fat and (very) marginally slower without, well, becoming way so slow and fat that coming back to form for September is a monumental (impossible) task.

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