There are only a handful of truly sandy races out there, and Mol is one of them. Zilvermeer, roughly translated to mean 'Silver Lake' is an apt name for the area. The lake is surrounded by beaches of white sand. Pretty to look at, tricky to ride. 

Zilvermeercross isn't a part of any of the major series and is one of the few UCI C2 events that happen in Belgium. As sort of a one-off event, it's popular nonetheless and will have all of the  major players taking part - Sven, Wout, Mathieu, Lars, etc. 


11:30 - Juniors

1:00 - Women 

3:00 - Elite Men / U23


As usual, coverage will be difficult. You should be able to watch it online at Plus, as an added bonus, we should have some live tweeting from the @redtruckgarneau twitter account.