Hoogerheide was one of the first races I ever did when I came across the ocean two years ago. I remember being intimidated by the slick ruts and heavy mud. They are bittersweet memories, I crashed early on that time and spent much of the race trying to ride back to where I felt I belonged but, at the same time, finishing on the lead lap (U23) in Europe for the first time felt nothing short of amazing. Especially given that much of my family had flown thousands of kilometres to get there. 


10:00 Junior Men 

11:10 U23 Men 

1:30 Women

3:00 Men 

atch Live: 

Watch online on the UCI YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUOS8v6QlCM) or on their website (http://www.uci.ch/cyclo-cross/news/article/live-uci-cyclo-cross-world-cup-hoogerheide-ned/)